I want…BlogHer…

So, I’ve been reading blogs about this past weekend’s BlogHer Conference in Chi-Town and I am so green with envy! It seems like it’s such a great experience overall (with the exception of the stories I’ve read about swag happy people and talking smack about some sponsors) to learn new things and to finally meet everyone in person.

I always wanted to go, but never really blogged on the regular so felt all weird going. I do read others’ blogs on a daily basis, but I don’t blog on a daily basis (except for now b/c I’m doing NaBloPoMo).

I want to meet all the awesome bloggers out there and give real hugs instead of {hugs}.

I want to attend conferences.

I want to attend a CheeseburgHer Party (or is this by invite only? If so, I want to be on that invite list).

I want to have some fun (move my body all night long!*) w/others who “get” why we blog.

I want to go to BlogHer2010 and am going to make it a goal for me to attend and that’s that.

*yes, i really just made a reference to an 80s song by Samantha Foxx…lol


2 thoughts on “I want…BlogHer…

  1. hey, thanks for stoppin by my blog.

    I hear you about Blogher, sucky part is this year it was in Chicago which would have been totally feasible for me to attend, next year it’s in NY, that will cost me a little bit more. I just never really considered myself a “serious” enough blogger to go. Sure does sound like fun meeting people though!

    Anyway, wanted to let you know that STBE stands for Soon To Be Ex. 😀

    • Exactly, I’m not all that serious, serious either…My blog is mostly just what we’re up to…more of like a journal/diary that I like to look back on to see what was going on when.

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