Too long for tweets…

Just a bunch of random thoughts that are too long to tweet, but yet not enough to write a whole blog entry about (I just don’t have it in me to do an entry per bullet today).

  • My daughter’s TKD school has a 2 week free trial period for Yoga and Boot Camp. I tried Yoga last night. It was the first time in 7 years that I went to a Yoga class and even back then, I didn’t go regularly. I surprised myself and disappointed myself at the same time. I’m feeling a bit sore today. I hope I’m able to walk tomorrow. I want to try boot camp. I need to do something to change up my workout/weightloss.
  • pDaddy and I watched 2 movies this week, at home – thanks to Netflix, of course. We haven’t gone to the movie theater in about 2 years. I think we’ve only gone twice in the last 4 years and both times were a month before I gave birth…lol…I guess I’ll need to be 30something weeks pregnant before we go again.

    “Changeling” was good and I’m still sad knowing that it was a true story. I’m sure the LAPD cringed when that movie came out. I seriously hope Angelina Jolie gained weight since that movie. I don’t know if she lost weight for that role (probably not), but she’s just not looking healthy.

    “He’s Just Not That Into You” had pDaddy and I cracking up and appreciating that we found each other and are out of the dating scene. We do miss the time when we used to just go on our datenights on a whim, but am not trading where we are in our lives for anything in this world.

  • I’ve had wine a few times this week. It’s been awhile since I’ve had wine more than once in a week or even a month. I don’t know why. I’m not overly stressed out where I need to really kick back and unwind. Maybe I’m subconsciously prepping my liver and tolerance for our upcoming vacay?
  • I have no idea why I just caved and had ice cream and gave the girls some too. In about 10 minutes they are going to be running around like chickens without heads, fighting, screaming and crying. I like to torture myself, I guess…
  • I also have no idea why I’m so exhausted today. I don’t feel like doing anything besides lying down on the couch and having the girls serve me “tea”. I don’t even feel like cleaning the pool so we can take a dip (it’s sunny now, but they’re calling for t-storms). I don’t know what it is. The 1.5 glasses of wine before bed (again) last night? The Yoga class? Maybe I’m still in my “good” place and relaxed state (but am starting to get frustrated and jittery b/c I’m not doing jack)? Thank goodness work isn’t too crazy today or I might just get into a tree pose whilst holding a glass of wine in one hand.
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