BBQ Results

We expected a few friends over and we marinated lots of beef and pork and had fish on hand too. I made almost 50 bbq sticks and we have a lot left over of everything – except the fish. Good thing we had that fish b/c we just found out last night that one of our guests is allergic to beef AND pork. NEVER heard of that and I sure am glad it’s not me.

It sucks when people say they are coming, but then don’t make it. It makes me feel like I truly overestimated, but it’s just b/c we had a lot of missing guests. I do understand though, things come up and I’m sure lots got pretty exhausted from enjoying themselves on such a beautiful today, but still. We’ll be freezing all the leftovers and I’ll be sick of this yummy food by mid-week, I’m sure, but c’est la vie.

Today, it’s gloomy and rainy and just the total opposite of yesterday. I need to motivate or I’ll be on the couch ALL day long. I need to hit Target to get some diapies for Razz so that’ll give me an excuse to get going…

*edited to add that I forgot to hit PUBLISH on my posts this weekend!*

2 thoughts on “BBQ Results

    • It’s like, when the beginning of summer comes, I can’t wait to chop up food and marinate it. Once it rolls around to around now, I’m kinda like, eh…lol

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