Wordful Wednesday – Sushi/Sashimi

Japanese Buffet...yum!

Photo is not high quality showcase worthy, but I looooves me some sashimi! I know not everyone is a fan of the raw food so, I’m sorry if this grosses you out!

In the past 3 weeks, we’ve had Japanese food 4 times. 2x in 2 weeks, once last week and last night….mmm…last night…I was in heaven! We hit up a Japanese buffet where they served both cooked food like Tempura, Teriyaki, etc., but they also had Sashimi and Sushi in abundance. The chef even cut up more of one of my faves for me: white tuna. Fatty tuna is by far my favorite, but not something you’ll find in a buffet or even some restaurants b/c it’s pricey so I’m guessing it’s rare. They had crab legs and raw oysters too (another fave!), but I didn’t even have any b/c I had too much of the sashimi goodness. I think I only had 3 pieces of sushi and everything else was sashimi.

My only regrets:

  • Not knowing of this place sooner and paying more for less on previous sushi/sashimi nights.
  • Not having more room to eat more.
  • Not realizing pDaddy brought the camera and I used my phone cam instead. It just doesn’t capture the goodness of it all as well.

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5 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday – Sushi/Sashimi

  1. Stacie – OMG…so yum! But, it’s not everyone’s cup o’ tea. But so yum! lol

    JAM – Happy WW 🙂 They had cooked stuff too.

    Life w/Kaishon – I wish we had that at my house…it was at a Japanese Buffet. We might as well live there though b/c I’m sure we’ll be visiting quite often!

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