You Capture – YOU!

Beth over at hosts the weekly “You Capture” challenge and this week is my first time joining. This week’s theme is “YOU” – as in capture yourself. Truly challenging for me as I have a problem w/taking pics of myself (kinda shy, hands too shaky, flash doesn’t work well w/the mirror, my arms are short, etc..)…so, sorry for the poor quality of the photos. Hoping to have a better week next week!

Well, here goes:

  • Sportin’ the look of the day…It’s amazing I’m not in PJs!
  • morning me morning me

  • With a dress I’m too short for, but I really like it. Need your opinion on this one as I’m thinking of getting it hemmed. I think it’s supposed to be a little past your knees and not above your ankles. Then again, the long makes me, well, longer and more lean. What says you?
  • short? long?

  • Again showing how short I am w/a Maxi dress (and I’m already wearing kitten heels like in the dress above)…and just meeeee….sans make-up, contacts, etc…I did use a bit of blur on PS b/c my face was looking a wee bit shiny!
  • me w/a maxi dress me

    Want to participate or see other’s who’ve joined in on this week’s challenge? Head on over to Beth’s page:


    18 thoughts on “You Capture – YOU!

    1. Oh you are cute!

      And I like the length of that dress, it’s tea length…but I would maybe hem it just a bit. Like at the curve of the calf maybe? Just to show off those gorgeous legs!

    2. I really like the shorter version. You don’t need something to make you look leaner…You look great! Welcome to the fun. What a hard week to join in, but now we know who you are so stick with us! Great captures.

    3. I love your “look of the day” as that is my look practically every day. As for the very pretty dress- hem it girl! Show off those pretty legs.

    4. That floral dress is fabulous! I would definitely hem it up a bit. Maybe just below your knees!

      Welcome to You Capture! I think you did a great job this week, AND you managed to get some fashion advice! Score!

    5. Beautiful dresses; although, I’m not one to give fashion advice. I live in jeans and t-shirts. A dress is a once or twice a year occurrence. The last picture is my favorite – up close and personal!

    6. Thank you all for your comments, encouragement and fashion advice! Once I get out of my work rut, I’ll definitely come stop by your pages 🙂

      I’m so glad I joined “You Capture” – it’s led to some new blogs and new faces 😉

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