Holy Busy, Batman!

It’s 6:30 at night and I’m STILL working! It’s been a crazy hectic day and I didn’t even get any of my house chores done except anything related to the girls (they do have to eat, you know 😉 )!

Busy season @ work usually begins in August and well, here we are. Speaking of, I can’t believe:

  • It’s August.
  • Summer’s almost over.
  • I’m not even close to being packed for vacation.
  • We’re leaving in a couple of weeks!
  • I woke up sniffling. I hope it’s allergies and not a cold. I was all sweaty after Yoga last night and walked around w/a semi-wet-with-sweat shirt for a bit outside.
  • I didn’t go to the gym or go out for a walk/jog. All I’ve done so far is Yoga for the week.
  • I didn’t visit many of my Daily Reads today. I think I only checked out 3 and I didn’t even get a chance to leave comments… 😦 Plus, I didn’t get to visit the new blogs I wanted to check out. GRRRR…
  • I’m STILL working!!!

Sorry for the lame post. I’m drowning in work today!

Your thoughts?

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