Yup, I’m officially sick. I woke up yesterday sniffling and hoping it was allergies, but last night, it kicked in. I was cold and couldn’t stop blowing my nose. I woke up this morning feeling like I had weights on my sinus area and my body was feeling a bit heavy, though not achy. I wasn’t really coughing until now. I guess this is what happens when you walk home after yoga class and your shirt’s all wet with sweat and it’s a bit cool with a bit of a breeze. Who says yoga’s good for you? lol

Well, we had a full weekend in store. BBQ at my brother’s house down by the shore and the park tomorrow. I decided to skip out on the BBQ, but pDaddy and the girls are there. I decided to stay home and rest and maybe back for our vacay, but I’m not finding the energy to pack yet. All I can muster up energy for is laying in bed, making some tea, blowing my nose and surfing a bit/blogging. I didn’t want to lay in bed all day so earlier, I took a trip to the local grocery and bought some greens for salad (for the BBQ) and tissues – Puffs w/Lotion and Vicks ROCKS! It’s like a eucalyptic-menthol-frenzy hits and my nose clears up even just for a second.

Anyway, I got home, prepped the salad and dressing and went to bed for a nap. I woke up, surfed a bit w/pDaddy to talk about some hotels we want to book and went back to bed again. I still wasn’t feeling well, so I told them to go ahead to the BBQ without me. It feels weird being home alone. It’s been a long time I’ve been home by myself w/not even one of the girls running around.

We have another full Saturday next week and lots of packing/prepping since we leave that next Tuesday, but I’m hoping I just get better and NO ONE catches whatever bug I may have. Travelling sick sucks AND they have some kind of thermal imaging at some airports where I heard they actually quarantine you if you show any signs of being sick (due to the swine flu outbreaks of this year). One of those airports are in Japan and just happens to be one of our stop overs. PLEASE GOD, let me be well by then and don’t let anyone catch this bug.


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