Wordful Wednesday & ABC Round 5 – “D”

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Here are some pics from our trip to Liberty State Park on Sunday. MIL had her work picnic and family was invited. I was sick, but dragged my bootie over there anyway. Such a shame it wasn’t a clear day…it was hot, hazy and humid…

Sisters Sliding “D” is for my darling daughters, Razz and Beans in “Synchronized Sliding”…next Baby Olympics sport, yeah?

Darling Daughters
Sisterly Love…

Daddy and his girls
“D” is also for Daddy Dearest w/his Darling Daughters…taking in the view, albeit a bit hazy…

Razz, the little one, kept trying to look for “Ming-Ming” on the Statue of Liberty’s nose (this all courtesy of “The Wonder Pets” episode where they visit NYC and save a baby pigeon).


10 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday & ABC Round 5 – “D”

  1. What pretty little girls they are! I love the ‘sisterly love’ pic!

    On behalf of the team, thanks for taking part in ABC Wednesday this week! 🙂

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