You Capture – Motion!

This week’s challenge was to capture something in Motion. I have 2 little girls so I thought this wouldn’t be such a big deal. However, it wasn’t so easy to capture “the” motion while they were “in” motion.

Take this pool picture below. I really wanted a picture of her going underwater after her jump, but I think I was too nervous and forgot to “click” my camera until she came back up…lol…She’s done this multiple times, but my heart still skips a beat.

Beans - "Jump & Dunk"

Here’s Beans again showcasing her energy at the Park on Sunday running after pigeons. I think this picture shows more of the “motion” I was picturing in my head – you know, that “blur” showing the bird’s wings all a flutter trying to escape this crazy little human girl…and her right foot mid-run…
The Bird Chaser

To see other participants’ take on Motion for this week’s “You Capture”, check out Beth’s page over at

11 thoughts on “You Capture – Motion!

  1. So cute! Looks like perfect motion to me in the bird, her foot, and her little pony tail mid-air!

    My heart still skips a beat too when my kids go underwater too! 😉

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