Family Planning

pDaddy and I are new to this. We didn’t plan on getting pregnant with either Beans or Razz, but of course, were pleasantly surprised when we saw those pregnancy tests show a “+” sign.

This time around, we are trying to plan for our next baby. He really wants a boy and is starting to consult Chinese Lunar calendars and such so we know when it would be the best month to conceive for a boy. I see a few problems with this –

  1. We’re not Chinese…lol…
  2. It’s not 100% accurate (for example, I know couples who had a girl when the conception chart really said “B” for boy).
  3. I’m not exactly “regular”. I know the timeframe of when I’m supposed to get my “friend”, but it’s always off by a few days and I sure as heck don’t know when I’m supposed to be ovulating.
  4. I am 31, but my Chinese Lunar age is 33 (according to some calculator he found online). So, do we go by the conception chart for a 31 year old or 33? Looks like 33…grr…making me older than I really am!

It’s even more confusing b/c you’re supposed to calculate based on the Chinese Lunar Month and not the Solar Month (regular calendar months). The conception calendar says 8 = B(oy), but 8 doesn’t = August. The SOLAR Month = 8 for August, but the conception calendar is in LUNAR and Lunar month 8 = October. So confusing! lol

Still, we never planned before and successfully had 2 beautiful girls. I really don’t mind if we have another girl (we have a gazillion clothes already!), but b/c we’re making such a fuss about all this and actually planning, I feel like we’re jinxing it and won’t be pregger at all. I guess we’ll have to wait and see? As long as s/he will be a healthy baby, right?

Are you a mom? Did you try that calendar and do the calculations for age and conception month? Was it accurate for you? For Beans, it was accurate (I was Chinese Age 28 and Lunar month 12 = G). For Razz, it was inaccurate (I was Chinese Age 30 and Lunar month = 11 = B). If I look at the calendar and just go by my regular age/conception month (as opposed to Chinese Age and Chinese Lunar month), it is accurate. Ahhh…more confusion! lol


Your thoughts?

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