Happy 2nd Birthday, Razz!

Yup, terrible twos are amongst us, once again! But, she woke up a happy camper (grr for the blurries, but that proves she was cracking up…she was just too happy w/our “happy birthday” wishes and singing):
happy 2nd birthday, razz!

And shared her silliness with big sis, Beans:
silly faces

Was it just 2 years ago when I gave birth (and got so damn scared)?

She’s grown up to be such a smart and curious little girl. She loves to sing and dance and just continues to shock us in so many different ways – like the fact that she can talk in sentences. And the fact that she used the pottie 3 times BEFORE she turned 2…the fact she knows how to reason…the fact that she’s already stubborn and set in her ways with some things…the fact that she sees a kid (sometimes older than her) in a stroller and automatically says “hi baby”. There are still so many things about her, it’s impossible to sum it up in one entry (and one I’m pressed for time for due to work).

She’s so sweet and affectionate and loving and beautiful and did I mention smart? I couldn’t ask for anything more…Razz and Beans…exceptional girls and they’re ours. Well, maybe ask for a couple of things – I hope she keeps the “Terrible Twos” at bay AND detaches a bit from Mommy. With the environments changing on her every 3 or 4 days while on vacation, she’s gotten attached to me again – more than when she was nursing. I guess I was her constant.

Anyway…Razz, oh Razz…here’s to more health, happiness and happy birthdays!!!


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