(yes, I’m stalling my vacay recap. I’m so not wanting to sort through pics…)

So FAME. I wonder how people deal with it. I always thought/said that if I were to be famous, I hoped to just be famous in one country and not be some International phenomenon. For example, I would be ok w/being a big time celebrity in the Philippines, but definitely not Hollywood. Think about it, how many famous Filipino actors/actresses/celebrities are well known by non-Filipinos/Filipinos outside of the Philippines? How many do you know? How many know all the famous Hollywood movie stars – all around the world?

Take for example, you guessed it, Robert Pattinson. One day, he was just a random actor…got “noticed” (at least by some, including yours truly) as Cedric Diggory, but was still not thaaat big of a deal. Next thing you know, he’s taken on the lead role of Edward Cullen in “Twilight”…perfecting the role and showing the epitomy of a perfect man (so he happens to be a vampire too, so what?). Then BOOM – International Stardom. Poor guy probably can’t just eat in peace without throngs of fans and paparazzi all over him. I’m sure he can’t even go to any remote islands or even the Philippines without getting harassed (yes, the TWILIGHT SAGA is big there as well). Shoot, I know if I saw him, I’d try to bug him for a pic, if I had enough guts to actually go up to him, that is.

Anyway, see what I mean? If you were only a famous person in the Philippines, you could go elsewhere around the world, for the most part, without being harassed / recognized, but at the same time get your little niche in stardom…It’s like getting your cake and eating it too.

Aren’t you glad I’m not famous? People would probably think I’m a freak. That’s another thing, I would care too much what others think. I think if I were famous, I would be all up on the internet searching my name and trying to see what others are saying about me from Perez Hilton to The Buzz (filipino entertainment show) to CNN. Good thing things didn’t fall through 5 years ago when I was supposed to interview to be some News Anchor/Newscaster at one of the Philippine networks (story for another day). I’d probably be such a different person, but at least not a very recognizable one outside of the Philippines. I think I’d be a terrible celebrity and besides, I’m sure I’d be blushing the whole time while trying to act, especially with good looking and well known actors. If I were sure of myself, I’d try and beg to allow them to cast an Asian role (extra or supporting)…I know I’m in my early thirties now, but sometimes, when I really dress down, some say I can pass for a teeny bopper (remember the original 90210? They were all in their 20s and Gabrielle Carteris – who played Andrea Zuckerman – was in her 30s)…hehehe…Too bad I don’t recall any Asians in any of the books.

Anywho, I hope these celebs, especially the young ones, that become stars overnight, have a real good head on their shoulders. It would be sad to see Hollywood hit them hard and for them to succumb to the negative pressure and countless drugs and other crap so readily available (and affordable) to them.

..:: i really need to stop obsessing over the Twilight Saga cast…their overnight stardom amazes, startles and worries me…they are not the first, and i’m sure not the last, but still…i guess reading the books recently keeps them in my head more than others. their hold on the world, their fame in their youth leaves me in awe, but at the same time, makes me hope they don’t end up being a “child actor has been”. ::..


Your thoughts?

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