I’m probably late on this bandwagon too, but…

Who’s the idiot that leaked out Stephenie Meyer’s “Midnight Sun”??? From what I can tell of the PDF (which you can get from the link above), it was copyrighted in 2008…The entry from the author is from August 2008. It’s September 2009 – over a year later and still nothing new from the author (that I can tell from the website, anyway).

I finished BREAKING DAWN the other day and finished whatever was written of MIDNIGHT SUN and I am longing, thirsting for more! So, who’s the idiot that ruined it for the rest of us so that we may never see the rest of Edward’s thoughts/insights? To see how he suffered, why he disappeared and how he had inner conflict to fight thirst and love and ??? Ugh, I’d like to punch that idiot in the face if I could…thank you very much.
For those who don’t know, MIDNIGHT SUN was written to be in parallel to TWILIGHT (the first book of the Saga). Only, it was from Edward’s point of view and not Bella’s and it is just as addicting.


Your thoughts?

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