Busy Weekend…

Coming right up!

I’ve got too much to do this weekend! Razz’ 2nd birthday party will be held on Sunday at one of the farms around here so we can have some apple picking fun! Need to get some goody bags together and some apple activities (for all those apples we, and the guests, will be hoarding). I need to buy some table cloths and supplies to make Bakerella’s cupcake pops! I’ve been waiting for an occassion to try to make these and I hope I don’t royally screw them up. My mom will be helping me – she’s a baking goddess – so she should be able to catch me where I fall…lol…

I also have to get more bins so I can finish putting away our summer clothes (already????) and doing some massive cleaning. This house looks like a tornado hit it, so I figured I should get a head start on Fall Cleaning.

Plus, pDaddy has a basketball game on Saturday…

PS – Working on and off this weekend too. argh…

PPS – Razz has herself a bit of a cold…stupid cool weather coming in so quickly. Hope she still has fun on Sunday 🙂


Your thoughts?

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