Sick…once again…

Yup, once again, we’re under the weather here. The weather’s been so erratic as of late, but typical for Fall. You know, cool nights (in the 60s/50s) and warm days (70s). As usual, our bodies can’t fully handle it and so I’m down with a cold and girls have a cold/cough with fevers on and off. And, as usual, they didn’t make it to getting their Flu shots first. As soon as they get better, they’re definitely going to get them this year. No need for us to make any ER trips b/c of the flu and fevers that reach 105.1 (yes, you read that correctly…no typo there).

I guess, with being sick and working so much these past few days, I don’t have much to say (*gasp*). I just hope we all get better soon. At least the girls are still well enough that they’re not lying down all limp and exhausted. They’re still up and at ’em playing and running/jumping around – which I wish they wouldn’t, but…kids, what can you do? As for me, I’m tired and just want to nap and do nothing. But alas, motherhood calls and so does work. I wish Fall wasn’t our busy season 😦


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