Fall TV – 2009

Ok, so I was a bit behind on figuring what was on when and what’s new for Fall this year, but…so far –

HIMYM – Still awesome, but I wish they had an hour long premiere instead of 30 mins. “We can talk…or…or…or…”…lol…BARNMAN and ROBIN! lol

Glee – LOVIN’ it and that football team dance to “Single Ladies” was cracking me up for a while! You didn’t see it or you want to see it again? Check it out: Glee – Football Team Dance The dance sequence for the team starts at 2:20 and Kurt before his kick at 4:55.

Cougar Town – Wish it wasn’t on at the same time as Glee b/c I was literally going back and forth. Note to self: DVR one or the other next week.

Eastwick – Intriguing. I never saw the movie or read the book so this is my first insight to “witches”. I miss Lindsay Price…I didn’t get to really watch any of Lipstick Jungle last year.

DWTS – Haven’t seen a full episode 😦 Must catch it online and DVR/watch next week.

TONIGHT??? GREY’S ANATOMY SEASON PREMIERE! Well, hello there McDreamy! Been waiting for you!

What else is out there that’s worth watching?

2 thoughts on “Fall TV – 2009

  1. Hey….Your blog is cute.. love the photo. My daughter @MOgulnick on Twitter is big on blogging and slowly teaching me the ropes. I would like to start one for sure. Anyhow.. just wanted to say hey again.. and oh you asked for other good shows. If you like Glee you would love Friday Night Lights..Have you ever watched it?

  2. @Donna – Thanks! I’ve been blogging on and off for years and I’m finally getting consistent w/it, but we’ll see how long that lasts…lol

    And no, I haven’t seen Friday Night Lights. This isn’t it’s first season though, right? Let me see if I can find out when it’s on. Hope it’s not hard to catch up.

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