iHeart Faces – Blue


To get your fill of BLUE, check out iHeartFaces.

Inspired by Kathy of mrssoup.wordpress.com, I decided to join this challenge. This the first time I’m joining so I apologize if I’m not doing this right. Is the face supposed to be more visible than in this pic? Is this enough blue or was there supposed to be more? Please let me know!

Razz enjoying her nap by the BLUE waters of Boracay, Philippines with a storm looming on the horizon.

Picture SOOC showing different shades of blue:
Blue waters


5 thoughts on “iHeart Faces – Blue

  1. What a beautiful pic!!! And such a sweet little girl! I am pretty new to my camera so my SOOC rarely look as nice! Glad you joined the fun! Look forward to seeing more entries from you in the future :o)

    BTW, 4 of my adopted siblings are from the Philippines! 1 has been back as a teen/adult and stayed for awhile attending the Teen Missions facility there. :o)

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