Please help the Philippines

As you may or may not know, this past Saturday, the Philippines got drenched/soaked/flooded by Typhoon Ondoy(Ketsana). There are countless of people who have lost their homes and belongings and even loved ones. It’s been said that the amount of rain they got in 9 hours was more than the total of the rain that came down from Hurricane Katrina. The storm is now on it’s way to Vietnam, but there are 2 other tropical storms looming on the horizon for the Philippines. Cleanup and relief efforts are ongoing, but the threat of another storm could be devastating for the Philippines, yet again.

There are numerous relief efforts going on, locally in the Philippines and worldwide. PLEASE, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE w/a cherry on top, DONATE any amount you can to the Philippine National Red Cross. They accept donations in PhP (Philippine Peso) so if you need to know what the conversion rate is, check out this site. For example, right now, $50 USD is equivalent to 2375.90PhP. If you want to donate $50, please enter 2375.90 at the Philippine National Red Cross donation site. Of course, exchange rates fluctuate so please convert often. If you want to see current exchange rates, you can go here.

Thank you and please remember that ANY amount is appreciated.

How this affected us, personally:
pDaddy’s Aunt/cousins live in one of the towns that got hit hard – Pasig. Our little niece had a school play so her mom (pDaddy’s cousin) and grandma (pDaddy’s aunt) were there and couldn’t make it back home for 2 days because of the flood. They were stranded on the second floor of her school with 250 other people. Back home, pDaddy’s other cousin and their maids tried to salvage what they could to the 2nd and 3rd floors, but the water rose to the neck level quickly. All the heavy stuff on the first floor is pretty much gone…couches, furniture in general, piano, china/china cabinet, lost of toys (niece’s room was on the first floor), etc. When the trio at the school finally made it back home, their house was still flooded and the water was muddy in color – from the dirt and backed up sewage system.

My Grandma, who lives in a province about 45 minutes away from the major damage, was rescued by my cousins and uncle…the water at her house was over knee deep and some parts, waist high. Again, almost all the furniture and everything on the first floor is no longer of use…This flooding affected more than just the city center.

Luckily, our loved ones all survived, but there are plenty who are not so fortunate.

Again, please donate what you can…no amount is too small!

Your thoughts?

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