WW – Random Pics

Happy Wordful Wednesday (WW)! To see more participants of WW, check out Angie’s blog.

Today, I’m just going to throw a couple of random instances shown in a few shots. I know that WW would rather you go out and take pics with your real camera, but for whatever reason, I didn’t have them handy for these so I’m sorry about the poor quality photos of my camera phone.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, The Batmobile (or at least one of them).

I have NO idea what the Batmobile was doing in our neck of the woods this past Saturday. I pulled up next to it at one point and didn’t even realize it was the Batmobile until I saw the red bat logo/symbol/emblem on the side of the driver’s door.


A closer look…

The other thing I wanted to show you were these pics…

CupCake Pops a la Bakerella.
Again, taken w/my camera phone. I think the real camera battery was charging at the time and I just forgot to take pics of them again…which is fine, I guess. I was pretty disappointed that they didn’t look nearly as perfect at Bakerella’s, but they had to do. I think one of the reasons was the bowls weren’t deep enough/we ran out of chocolate to melt to fully dip them in.

Regardless, they were a hit w/the adults and kids alike, but all did have one complaint, it was too sweet. Can you believe that? KIDS actually said they were too sweet. I think it’s because I used a boxed cake mix…those are always sweeter than when making from scratch.

cake pops a la Bakerella

cake pops a la Bakerella


4 thoughts on “WW – Random Pics

  1. Oh, how I adore randomness … the bat mobile and cupcake pops … it doesn’t get more random than that 🙂 I once tried to make those darn cupcake pops … it wasn’t a successful three hours spent in the kitchen … I know there’s a reason I don’t back but sometimes I can’t refuse the urge to try 🙂

    BTW: I LOVE your header image – those are some seriously COOL pumpkin carvings … I’ll be lucky if ours have triangle eyes and a crooked smile 🙂

    Glad I found your site today!

    • Glad you found my site today too!

      RANDOM should be my middle name 😉

      PS – PumpkinMasters.com. They have awesome templates and not at all thaaat hard to do!

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