Thursdays – iHate- Ear Infections!

No, this is not a new weekly challenge or anything…Just felt like throwing it out there.

Girls have had a cough/cold for 2 weeks now. Beans has been running a low grade fever for about a week. Finally took them to a NEW Pediatrician today to see what was going on. But first! Lunch date at Wendy’s 🙂

This would be Razz’ “RAWR” face…hehehe
Rawr...wendy's for lunch...

Well, I have to say, I LOVE the new Doc. She’s closer to home and she’s good, thorough and she promotes natural/home remedies. I mean, she still prescribes medication/antibiotics, but she also pulls for squeezing fresh oranges as opposed to buying your typical OJ from the store. She also made it a point to say she’s strict and doesn’t like kids after the age of 1 using bottles, etc…phew, passed the test there 🙂 Good thing Razz always hated the bottle.

So what’s the diagnosis? Razz has the beginnings of an ear infection whereas Beans has one and looks to have had one for awhile or it could be a chronic one. She even wants to give her a hearing test before she starts school next year or sooner.

Just to back-track…Razz and Beans were both in the ER back in June for high fevers. Beans was diagnosed with bronchitis/borderline pneumonia back then…Her fever had even spiked to 105.1 while in the ER. Razz was diagnosed with an ear infection at that point – the first either of the girls ever had. The bad parents that we were, we never followed up w/their regular Pediatrican after that ER trip. We couldn’t get on the schedule soon enough and then they got better and we were starting not to like him because we didn’t feel he was very thorough, etc. But still, yeah, slap on the wrists for us 😦 I feel terrible.

I don’t think (and HOPE) that Beans has had an ear infection since June, but maybe the beginning of September (which, of course, isn’t any better)? She was running low grade fevers during our last days of vacation and maybe she got it from all that swimming she did at the beaches and pools?? This past week, she has been saying her ears were popping…I didn’t think anything of it. I thought it was just from blowing her nose too hard…I feel like such an arse.

Girls were knocked out before we even got home (all of 2 miles away). They were at the Doctor’s office during naptime afterall. Needless to say, I didn’t get to take anymore Fall pics today (unless you count the fact that they’re wearing jackets in that picture above which was, again, taken by my phone cam). I even had our camera with a fully charged battery and the IS lens on it as well!

So, everything started sounding negative there for a bit, huh? What’s the positive? Found a great new Pediatrician and I got myself a flu shot – my first ever. I seriously hope this means I won’t be getting the flu or at least not getting sick as much as I usually do.


4 thoughts on “Thursdays – iHate- Ear Infections!

  1. I hate ear infections! My son had them conically a few years ago. They put us on a Sulpha (sp?) drug for the winter (it dries everything up) and it did the trick. He was on it for the whole time the furnace was on. If it didn’t work they would have sent us to a ear nose and throat specialist.

    Hope they feel better soon!

    • They actually don’t even act like they’re sick…However, Beans seems like she’s got some hearing problems…We always have to repeat ourselves now 😦

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