You Capture – Fall!

This week’s challenge is to take a picture of something that captures FALL. Now, I’m sure there are those who aren’t hitting fall like temps/scenery yet, so maybe they took pictures of things FALLing? lol…To see other participants, check out Beth’s blog over at

Anywho, it sure does feel like Fall today. It’s the first of October (already????) and last night/this morning felt more like November/early December. Still, I love the crisp, cool air of Autumn. I just don’t like the change of season sickies that come along with it and believe me, we were/are still there (cold, cough, fever, etc…).

So here’s my FALL capture. I really need to be better about charging the battery for my camera b/c otherwise, I end up using the camera on my phone.

Pumpkins with my Lil’ Pumpkins 🙂
pumpkins w/my lil pumpkins!

I’m going to take the girls to the Doctor today and will definitely have the camera on hand, just in case. Hopefully, I can add more “fall” pics to this entry later on.


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