I’m torn…The month of October signifies so many things I’m passionate about and while I love flaunting our jack-o-lanterns from last year to show some Halloween spirit, part of me wants to change things up. For example, I’d like to show something PINK for Breast Cancer Awareness month. My mom’s a survivor and I always take part in walks in our area (Revlon Run/Walk and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure). Then, there’s just Fall overall – the different colored leaves on the trees and on the ground…Plus, there are birthdays this month – Beans and mine…hmmm…

Then, there’s me looking into the future and knowing how lazy I’ll be with updating this header/theme monthly. So, I also want to come up with some sort of “generic” yet “signature” design. What to do, what to do???

Well, if I’m lucky enough, this will solve my problems while doing something charitable for Breast Cancer Awareness and honoring my Mom at the same time without having to show my “bubs” on the boobiethon site…lol…The Moxie Girls are having a giveaway! Kathy and Joelle are awesome designers whose creations I’ve always loved, but never got a chance to get them / work with them. I hope this does it.

So, donate to a good cause and you can be the lucky winner (wait, I want to be that…lol)!


Your thoughts?

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