WW – Fall

This week, Angie challenged us to capture some Fall pictures. I posted an entry last week for YouCapture, but sadly, it was only 1 pic from my phone camera. I’m glad that Angie decided to challenge us with Fall pics again this week b/c I was able to go out and about with a real camera…All pics are SOOC unless otherwise noted. If you’d like to see more, check out Angie’s blog.

The girls LOVE going to the Halloween by us and what better place to capture the essence of “Fall”?

Here’s what it’s looking like by our Halloween Super Store:

“PUMKINS” – yea, someone didn’t qualify for the local Spelling Bee:
"Pumkins" - someone didn't make it to the spelling bee

Row of Pumpkins


BEANS’ FAVE – “Vampire going to sleep and waking up” (meaning it opens and closes and he sits up when it opens). This keeps her entertained FOREVER! Do we have a future Team Edward member in the making?
Beans' fave - the animated count that wakes and sleeps




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