You Capture – RED

This week, Beth challenged us to capture RED. To see other participants, check out Beth’s blog over at

Now, as much as I wish I could have captured myself all red and fuming with work issues this week, here’s what I captured instead:

RED Wheels on an old wooden train:

The cover of the latest AVON Catalog. Did I mention I sell AVON part-time? Well, at least I used to…I should really get back into it. I needs me some extra shopping money!
AVON Catalog

Book of Nursery Rhymes the girls enjoy.
Nursery Rhymes book

Jollibee! The mascot and namesake of a fast food chain in the Philippines. Of course we had to get the girls a stuffed bee…they LOVED that food over there!

New Toy – 50mm lens, M.C. Escher book and notebook:
New Toy!

Statue of the Holy Infant Jesus (“Santo Nino”). No Filipino/Catholic household would be complete without it!
Statue of Holy Infant Jesus (aka "Sto. Nino")

All photos are SOOC taken with my new toy, the 50mm. I’m still learning how to manipulate this new lens and Photoshop so SOOC will have to do 🙂


6 thoughts on “You Capture – RED

  1. I would love to have a “real” camera some day! I love the way you found such great things around your home that tell stories about who you were and are today!

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