FINALLY Friday – Backdating & Randomness

Woohoo! It’s been a crazy work week with network issues and just being very busy overall. I am SO happy that today is Friday, but I’m working on and off over the weekend anyway. Still, IT’S FRIDAY!

Well, with work sucking up ALL my time. I’ve been behind in posting for the weekly challenges I partake in – “Wordful Wednesdays” and “YouCapture!” Thursdays. I’ve taken the pictures so I guess I will upload the pictures at some point today and back date some entries (*gasp*). Forgive me, won’t you?

Speaking of “forgive”, let’s get into the first point of my randomness in this post.

  1. The girls were watching “Ni Hao Kai-Lan” and learned the word “forgive“. Now, everytime they do something they’re not supposed to, they say sorry and follow it up with “Forgive me, Mom? Do you forgive me?” – complete w/the pouting and puppy dog eyes. How can I not?
  2. WE ARE GOING OUT TONIGHT! YES! Date Night! Without the girls! With our friends! Woohoo!!! It’s been awhile since pDaddy and I have gone out with friends (well, a couple of months since our vacation) so I’m pretty excited. I’m not too thrilled that it’s a bit cool out, it looks like it’s going to rain, and I’ve gained a few pounds in the last month so my clothes don’t fit right anymore, but still…WE ARE GOING OUT! Date Night! Woohoo! (did I say that already?) Now, this means I need to get the girls ready and packed – in between working, uploading pics and blogging…Oh and of course, what in the world am I going to wear that won’t show all the weight I’ve gained???
  3. Remember when I was so ticked that my order got cancelled? Well, I reordered from a different company and got it 2 days later! Yes, got myself the 50mm lens…I’ve started to play with it, but still not used to it yet. I’ll get there.
  4. Beans wanted to be Cinderella for Halloween. I was totally cool with that because she got her cousin’s hand-me-down a couple of years ago so that was supposed to save us from buying her a costume. We even took pictures of her in the costume at Mum’s house when it was still too big. However, Mum can’t find it now 😦 We hit the Halloween store by us yesterday and it looks like they’re sold out. I know I saw it at good ol’ Target, so Target, don’t fail me now!

    PS – Razz is going to be Minnie Mouse. After being a typical girl and going back and forth trying to decide between “Dora”, “Ariel” (Little Mermaid) and Minnie Mouse, she finally decided on being the cute, little, girly rodent.

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