Comment Replies

I know I’m not alone when I say I LOVE getting comments – real comments, that is. So, I was just wondering, is better to reply to comments on the blog entry or do people prefer an email back instead? I don’t know who really goes back to check to see if they actually got a reply or not on the blog entry…hmmmm….What says you?


6 thoughts on “Comment Replies

  1. Good question. I Just reply on the blog comments. Sending emails would be a lot of trouble when the discussion is going on, on the blog anyway. I don’t always know who sees the replies or not but I try to always reply. If they asked a question, they should check back though.

  2. Since you have, you can actually do both. You should be getting an email when you get a comment. What you can do is just hit reply to that email, add in the person who commented and write your reply. It should then automatically post a reply in the comment thread AND send an email to the person who commented. 😀

  3. I would say email because I don’t always come back to check or I don’t even know that you have replied.
    The only time I reply in the comments is if it seems to be a reoccurring question.
    Email gets my vote 🙂

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