Purge & Clean

Lather, Rinse and Repeat.

If you’re following me on Twitter, you’ve noticed that I mentioned things like “cleaning” and “dust” pretty often this week. It’s a shame, but I admit it, I only do FULL cleaning at the change of seasons and mainly just in the Fall and Spring. Do you know how much dust can accumulate under your baseboard heater behind the couches? TOO MUCH! UGH! I think I’ve gotten a cold or maybe just allergies from all this dust??? But dust? That’s not even half of it.

Last Saturday, I started to clean around our “office” area…purging papers, shredding, sorting and filing. That started it all. I still need to go through one of our file cabinets, but I want to get to general cleaning other parts of the house before I need to shred more paper again. I’m probably doing that backwards, but that’s what works for me!

pDaddy’s been calling me “MAGDA” as he always does when I’m on a cleaning rampage. Do you know who Magda is? She was that old lady from the movie starring Cameron Diaz, “There’s Something About Mary”. There’s a scene in that movie where Magda ingests some kind of drug or energy drink or something (I can’t even remember anymore) and then she just goes nuts cleaning and vacuuming, etc. pDaddy says I remind him of her when I get in my cleaning mode.

So, dining room done. Kitchen done. Living room – halfway done. This doesn’t mean all cabinets have been cleaned out, but I’m getting there…At least our countertops are visible and I won’t feel so embarassed when friends/family stop by. Finding a home for everything is really hard – especially when you lack space. When we moved her 4 years ago, I was pregnant with Beans and wasn’t allowed to do much. So, not everthing’s found a home-home…even up to now. We need to invest in some storage solutions that are asthetically appealing and we’ll get there (need to find bargains though! why are some of these storage thingies so expensive???) as soon as I can make this place look a little bit organized.

I still have to do our bedrooms which I’m hoping I can do over the weekend/next week. That always takes me the longest because I have to sort through EVERYONE’s clothes. The girls’ clothes take me the longest – sorting out the seasonal clothes, what Razz has outgrown and whether or not we should save it (just in case we get pregnant w/a girl again), what Razz can use that Beans outgrew, what can be given away, etc…

All this and I’m working like crazy. You know it’s really stressful when you turn to housework as a stress reliever/relaxer.

Your thoughts?

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