You Capture – Still Life

Beth over at challenged us this week to capture “Still Life”. You can check out that link to see more participants…

All pictures are SOOC with the exception of 1 which is noted in the entry.

This was harder than I thought because I couldn’t make up mind on what to take a picture of. I ended up taking pictures this morning of the Halloween lights I got at Target. I wanted to test them out to make sure all was well and no busted bulbs. They sometimes look more pink than orange to me.

Halloween Lights

halloween lights & candles

Also got some of our orange floating candles.
Candles and Lights

And “Wuthering Heights”. I bought this a long time ago at a book sale or garage sale or something. I have no idea how old it is…there’s no page with copyright dates on it. Anyway, I thought it would be good to get my head out of the TWILIGHT Saga for a bit and go back to old school literature. Then again, there were references to this book in the Saga 😉 I’ll be back to reading NEW MOON before the movie comes out though, that’s for sure. MIL has my copy at the moment – getting hooked too…hehehe…

Anyway, here’s the Original. I wasn’t too happy with this. I couldn’t get the title to pop out the way I wanted it to – SOOC.
wuthering heights - original photo

Here’s where I tried to fix it, but still not what I envisioned. I think I envisioned it to pop out even more….or maybe a Sepia tone to the whole pic? Or maybe add grain/texture? I tried all options, but none were doing it for me, so I stuck to this. Any tips or advice you can give me, would be greatly appreciated!
wuthering heights - PS

15 thoughts on “You Capture – Still Life

  1. oh oh oh! I LOVE fairy lights and candles – I have them all over the house. Also, Wuthering Heights is my ALL TIME favourite book. I love your photos :o)

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