Today’s MAGDAgenda

updated at 4:25pm…not much accomplished 😦

Off to a late start today! Even the girls woke up late making us late for their 11am doctor’s appt. It feels more like a Manic Monday than Friday today…Frantic Friday? Besides work and conference calls and the daily “to do” list, I need to:

  • Bring the girls for their follow up Dr’s Appt.
  • Sort thru girls’ clothes.
  • Clean girls’ room.
  • Laundry.
  • Clean bathrooms.
  • Figure out how to create a photo mosaic on Photoshop.
  • Order pictures to frame – this and sorting the girls’ clothes will probably take me the longest!
  • Find Beans’ costume – she now wants to be a pirate.
  • Hit up Target for diapers and whatever else.

I am really feeling my BZMomma name today…So, what’s on your plate?

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