WW – Motherhood

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Being a full time WAHM, keeping up with the house and chores, and watching my 2 girls at the same time, I wear one too many hats at times. It’s tough, but worth it to watch them learn and grow first hand. It feels good to do good work for work. It’s a great feeling when the house is clean and you know you pretty much did (yeah, pDaddy has it good, but he’s the Chef around here…don’t want to take all the credit πŸ˜‰ ).

working during movie nightSo, motherhood for me, besides cleaning and taking care of my girls entails me to fun stuff – like I said, watching things happen first hand: their first words, first steps, dress-up, etc. It also entitles me to our new ritual – TUESDAY Movie Night! Last night was the first we had. Unfortunately, I had to work while watching “Barbie as the Island Princess” and “Ariel’s New Beginnings”. Still, we had popcorn, lounged on the couch and swooned over the charming Prince and the forgiving father.

Being at home, I realize that I should take more pictures of the girls. I used to toy with the idea of doing that 365 days project on Flickr for them (where you take a picture everyday). But then, there are days where they’re in the same PJs for days in a row (hey, it’s not like they need to get all dressed up to hang out at home) and look the same. Then again, each day is a new day, no matter how the same they look, they’d be different. Maybe I’ll think of doing monthly pictures or weekly pictures of them? I used to take monthly pictures of them for their first year. Maybe I need to resurrect that…hmmm…

Still, here are a few pictures of my girls…my joys of motherhood πŸ˜‰

Pizza Hut @ Target…their prize for being good girls @ their Doctor Appt.
To quote Beans - "Pizza Heads!"

A first: Razz feeding herself! She really could have started doing this much sooner, I think. I was just too lazy to clean up the mess! Terrible, I know!
feeding herself!

Razz and her kissy-smoochy face (that I get to see all day long – whenever I ask, that is!):Razz's kissy-smoochy face

Beans being goofy (I guess I could have edited this pic to tone down the brightness, but…):Beans being goofy

Razz on the Potty ;):
IMG_5351 IMG_5347

And the not so fun stuff of motherhood (specifically, sorting the girls’ outgrown and/seasonal clothes):
The mess...

But, look Ma! Whee!!! Shiny Countertops ;):
whee!  shiny countertop :)
whee!  shiny countertops!


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