Happy 4th Birthday, Beans!

Mornin' Bday Girl!
Little Miss Beans is 4 Today 🙂4!
My goodness, how time flies! I can’t believe she’s 4 already…didn’t I just push for 2 hours yesterday?
Wink ;) Tiny Beans

It’s all still so clear to me…all that pushing for 2 WHOLE HOURS! I was on the brink of a C-Section if she didn’t come out when she did…And then the drama of a cord wrapped around her neck! But oh the joys when we heard her cry! And here we are, 4 years later…

She’s grown to be so smart and beautiful and we are so blessed to have this little ray of sunshine in our everyday lives…

In the past year, she’s started to:

  • Write her name.
  • Become a really great helper and now cleans up after herself – her toys, books, crayons, etc.
  • Get really comfy with swimming on her own – well, with floaties, but she can jump in and swim w/o any help.
  • Really get into reading and always asks us to read to her.
  • Be an expert flower girl (well, starting July 2007):
    Flower Girl for our wedding – July 2007:
    Flower Girl in June 2008:
    Flower Girl - June '08
    Flower Girl in May 2009:
    Flower Girl in May
    Flower Girl in August 2009:
    Flower Girl in August

    Making her Grand Entrance (dancing while walking…looked like she was walking and hula-hooping at the same time) at the White Party – Beach Reception:

    Flower Girl in August - Beach Reception

  • Become a great big sister to Razz – even helping coach Razz w/potty training.
  • Learn how to play with her sister whether it’s playing tag or hide and seek or just playing together instead of taking toys away from her.
  • Build bridges and towers and other fun stuff with big blocks (like Lego, but not).
  • Really get into drawing. She makes a mean Stewie (Griffin from “Family Guy”) hehehe
  • Get into performing – singing and dancing. She’s even memorized a Tagalog song (well, some words aren’t right, but still). Why I can’t find that video right now, I have no idea… 😦
  • Really LOVE Tae Kwon Do. She’ll be testing for her Orange Belt on Friday!
    TKD - Yellow Belt Commendation
  • Become a typical girl who keeps changing her mind – costume choices went from Cinderella to a Pirate back to Cinderella and now both. Guess she’ll be having a change of wardrobe for her Birthday Costume Party on Halloween. She was also wavering with what she wanted for her birthday – Handy Manny’s Repair Shop. No a camera. No a pet…A dog – a REAL one (emphasis on “REAL”). No a violin. No a…etc…
  • And as always, she makes everyone around her happy. Of course, she is still a child and has her moments when she acts up, but she knows to come around and make an apology. She’s gotten picky with eating, but she still eats well…just not too many veggies anymore 😦 We’ll figure out a way to get her back to loving veggies like she used to, I hope.

    All in all, it’s been a great 4 years watching her develop and grow…I’m glad to be home with her to see it all. I don’t know how I’ll be when she starts school next Fall, but I’ll have to find a way to manage living my everyday life without her home for a few hours a day 😉

    Happy 4th Birthday, Little Big Girl!


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