WW – Ghost of Halloween Past

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I wish I could just cross the street and get to my parents’ house so I can scan some of my old Halloween pics from when I was a little girl. I didn’t dress up too much b/c costumes back then weren’t the best and if they were, they were too expensive for a family who just migrated here from the Philippines. Mum worked a LOT back then was also going for her Masters so she didn’t exactly have the time to sew anything. Besides, sewing isn’t her forte. Believe me, Mum can cook and bake and get creative with the best of them, but sewing? Not so much.

One of the only costumes I remember was when I wore my red chinese pajamas, put my hair in 2 buns on the sides of my head and walked around trick-or-treating pretending I was a little Chinese girl. Creative, eh? lol

Eventually, I lost the whole spirit of Halloween and would just put my hair into pigtails, leave my Catholic School Uniform on, put some dots (for freckles) on my face using my mom or sister’s eye-liner and go trick-or-treating dressed up as, you guessed it, a little Catholic School Girl.

Halloween didn’t really hit me again until about 5 years ago when I asked everyone to dress up RETRO/80s for going out for my birthday (which is Hallow’s Eve – Oct. 30). I did my best to channel Boy George, but I ended up just looking like a white-faced drag queen w/braids or something. lol Poor pDaddy was pimping a drag queen. I can’t find ANY of those pics right now…weird…

I didn’t dress up again since then, but will this year when Beans has her Halloween Costume Party on Halloween (her birthday was yesterday). I do get into Halloween for the girls and LOVE trying to find them costumes, but again, this is the first time I’ll be dressing up in 5 years.

Here are some of them through the years:

Beans as a Flower – 2006:Halloween Costume 2006
Beans & Razz – Monkey & Banana (my FAVE so far!) – 2007:
Beans & Razz – 2008 – Spiders!
Spiders - Halloween 2008
This year Razz will be Minnie Mouse while Beans will be a Pirate AND Cinderella. Miss Diva needs a costume change, ya know?

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