Well, I guess I totally fell off the wagon and can no longer participate in NaBloPoMo. This is the second time I’ve tried it (in November) and with the same result. I was able to accomplish this back in July/August though.

This time of the year is just WAY too crazy with work being nutso. This? This is insane, but a glimpse of what my work hours have been like, give or take a few hours:
Work Much?

Yes, my time wasn’t even complete as of Friday when I already put in 62 hours. That week, I totalled 68. ONE week = 68 hours. Damn I wish I got paid OT. That would make my Target runs much more fun.

Speaking of Target. I am banning myself from there. I’ve been there 3x in the past week and didn’t leave without spending less than $120 each time – sometimes WAY more than that, but that’s a story for another day. Just know that Target has been bumped up to the #1 spot of my LOVE/HATE relationships.

But I digress…

Where was I? Oh yes, work, shopping, birthdays, parties, Halloween, TKD and cleaning – yes, hardcore cleaning/organizing – has been consuming my time and therefore, lack of blogs, picture uploads and visiting others’ blogs. Work is showing some signs of slowing down, so I hope I can get back in the swing of things. However, I’m still on a cleaning rampage (yes, it is/was thaaaaaaaat bad). I actually took some BEFORE shots of the mess and will definitely take some AFTER shots, though I don’t know how I feel about sharing the mess and our slovenly ways of yesterdays…teehee…


3 thoughts on “NaBloPo-WHAT?

  1. I’ve never even attempted NaBloPoMo because I get blocks like all the time. I’ll have one week that’s full of ideas and another, nothing. My hat’s off to anyone who can pull it off.

    Oh man, cleaning, it seems like this place never stays neat. I love before and afters though, motivational!

    • I did well w/NaBloPoMo over the summer when I wasn’t going batty w/work and birthday parties…

      I FINALLY posted some before/after pics of my cleaning. Goodness, it’s embarassing, but I feel darn good about it!

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