Today is Veterans Day. We should all take a moment in our day to thank and pray for our troops out there fighting for our Freedom and those who have fought for our freedom.

It’s sad to say, that sometimes, when they come back from the War, they have not much to start with, are disabled, etc. Can you imagine coming back “home” with no one or nothing to care for you? Where your hospital and regular bills just pile up b/c the government is trying to find money to pay you?

I always get calls soliciting for donations whether it be to support some organziation dealing with cancer, the police, the firefighters and of course veterans. A few weeks ago, I posted about these solicitors and I was a bit on the angry side of things. I just don’t like getting calls starting at 8am all the way until almost 9pm. Send me something in the mail, you’ll have higher chances of me donating instead of calling me everyday.

Thanks to Miss Zoot, I am donating online to Eleven-Eleven.org. All they ask is that you donate $11. If you can’t, just pass it along so others may…Let’s support our brave men and women who have given, and are giving, so much to protect our right of Freedom!


Your thoughts?

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