Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or simply don’t care (possible), “Twilight Saga: NEW MOON” comes out nationwide tonight at midnight.

I have 2 tickets to see it, but decided not to go and brave the Teen/Tween/Extreme TWIHARD Masses. I don’t think I have it in me to A) Park 5 miles away (b/c I’m sure it will be packed and B) Get there extra early to find a good seat. I’ve been getting my fill of all things TWILIGHT anyway w/their press tour and talk show tour.

My SIL and her family are here visiting from Texas and have graciously offered to watch the girls so we could watch, but A) They’re here visiting!!! B) That’s just rude that they’ll be sleeping over and we won’t be here to entertain them and C) They’re here visiting and we’re going to make them babysit? NOT!

Instead, we will go as planned to Disney on Ice with our girls and the Texans will sleepover and we’ll have movie night! I think that sounds more fun than dealing w/teens, raging hormones, sitting elbow to elbow, etc…I’ll either catch NEW MOON in a couple of weeks when the hoop-la dies down a bit OR wait for it on Netflix – which is the higher possibility. Do you know that the last movie we saw in a theater was a Harry Potter flick in 2007??? I think it was “Order of the Phoenix”.

2 thoughts on “NEW MOON=NO; MICKEY & CO. = YES!

    • I couldn’t wait to see it either, but it looks like I found some patience in me to do so. I’d rather wait than brave the crazy teens – or so I keep telling myself 😉

Your thoughts?

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