You Capture – A Happy Story: Potty Training Razz

Perfect timing for this post b/c I finally am participating in the YOU CAPTURE challenge again. This week’s theme? TELL YOUR HAPPY STORY. The Holidays, of course, make me happy (for the most part), but I will not let Razz’ Potty Training get overshadowed any longer!

We got Razz a potty over the summer, but Razz was always scared to go potty for some reason or another. She would sit, but needed her diapie on. Then, there were days she just wouldn’t deal with it. Here was where I tried back on 10/21/2009 – short lived!

pDaddy started seriously potty training Razz on Saturday, November 7. He was downstairs with the girls while I continued the “Great Cleanup of 2009” upstairs. He let Razz go around w/no diapies, no undies, no pants. He’s brave that hubby of mine! Good thing we have only rugs and hardwood floors (I think I would freak out if we had wall to wall carpeting).

She was a big ‘ol mess, as expected, the first day. A few more accidents on Day 2 and 3. But, by the 4th day, she was PERFECT!

She still has a few accidents here and there. I think she went 5 days with being perfect, then had a couple of mishaps. Then perfect again for a few more days and then another mishap. Still, she’s doing well and has to have been the earliest potty trained kid I know of. She was at 2 years and 2 months when she hit her first few days of perfection 😉

Here she is on 11/14/2009 – 1 week after (sorry it’s blurry!):
razz on the potty w/big sis coaching ;)

The other night, she did have some accidents – mainly happens when she can’t get her pants down fast enough (and she won’t always ask for help – Lil Miss Independent that she is) or when she’s really distracted (aka EVERYONE around on Thanksgiving), but she’s done did good 😉

So PROUD of my lil’ RAZZcal 🙂

PS – I’ve been meaning to post this for so long, but feared I might jinx her progress. I’m still scared it might, but whatevs, she deserves her recognition!

9 thoughts on “You Capture – A Happy Story: Potty Training Razz

  1. Yay! That is such cause for celebration! Fynn’s been pretty much potty trained since September, but we have glitches every now and then… and you have to stop and think what a big change it is for them – and how great they’re really doing 🙂

  2. That is a happy story! My son’s not quite two, and still not showing many signs that he’s ready…but when he is, we’re completely going the route of letting him run around pantless for several days!

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