WW – It’s Beginning to (FINALLY) look a lot like Christmas…

We’ve had our tree up for a few weeks now, but didn’t finish putting all the ornaments up until late last week. I usually have some sort of color theme/scheme for our tree (duh…doesn’t everyone?).

We’ve had some kiddie craft sessions and so can you guess what our theme is this year? Why, YUP, it is Kiddie themed. We decorated it with their foam craft ornament creations and accented it using some old red ball ornaments, snowflakes and icicles I’ve used pretty much every year since I moved out of my parents’ house in 2002. You’ll also see their “first year” ornaments and some Dora and Rudolph ornaments. Couldn’t find Frosty ones 😦

I present to you, our CHRISTMAS TREE v.2009 🙂
Christmas Tree 2009

I, actually, really, really, really, REALLY like it 🙂 It’s fun, festive and showcases the girls’ creativity! At first, I thought of getting a small tree for them and then still keep a more fancy-schmancy theme on our regular tree, but really? We have no room for a smaller tree and besides, I really like it (did I say that already?). I think this is the best tree we’ve ever had! Great job to my girls, cousin T and Auntie Chris from TX who was took some time out of her schedule to help craft w/the girls!

Here are some close-ups of their creations…Santa by Razz & Mommy; Rudolph by Beans & Mommy; Yellow ornament by Beans:
Santa Rudolph Yellow

Red by Beans; Yellow by Razz; Green by Beans; Yellow Ball w/sequins by my 14 yo SD (and an old icicle that’s been with us forever):
Red Yellow & Green yellow ball

Here’s the set-up. pDaddy actually did the putting up of the tree this year – by HIMSELF! BIG Round of APPLAUSE, please 😉 lol I was feeling exhausted so he actually done did it all by his lonesome…


LOVE this pic of Razz (and yes, she’s obsessed w/her tutu):

Putting up and then staring at their works of art:

Yes, my 1st round of decorators did an A-OK job 😀 :
after putting up the tree

And here’s just me w/the girls:
Me and my decorators My Beanster
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5 thoughts on “WW – It’s Beginning to (FINALLY) look a lot like Christmas…

  1. I think trees with handmade ornaments are the best!! So many of my kids got broken, but I still have a few. I love it. Your tree is beautiful!!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m going to follow yours!

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