Snow, Snow Go Away…

Yup, it’s me, I’m back…well, for now 😉 I know, so much for my goal of blogging more often, huh? I’ll get back into the swing of things soon, I hope…

Anywho…If you’ve been watching the news, you know the East Coast/Mid-Atlantic Region has been getting MORE than their fair share of snow this season. Granted Maryland/Virginia have been getting it worse than we here in NJ, but we have our broken records here and there as well.

I usually love the snow…It gives such a nice ambiance of bright white to the usual cold and dead looking trees and such. It kind of breaks the bleakness of Winter. Plus, it gives us an excuse to play outside in the bitter cold. But, when a Blizzard is the cause for our airline to CANCEL our flight en route to the “Happiest Place on Earth” – I am more Grumpy (Dwarf) than I am Happy (Dwarf). We were supposed to leave this morning to head to Orlando/DisneyWorld, but yesterday’s blizzard caused airport delays and eventually, our flight got cancelled. We ended up cancelling our hotel and car rentals too. Thankfully, people understood and didn’t penalize us for cancelling our hotel/car reservations – though pDaddy was on the phone w/them for almost an hour making sure we didn’t get the penalty charge.

So now, instead of being at Disney enjoying the weather and watching the girls’ excitement, I’m working in cold, snow covered NJ.

At least the girls are still making the most of it here – even though they’re not in their Princess Dress Up attire and won’t be able to meet their favorite characters for a while longer…(we are hoping to rebook our vacation to next month. let’s hope no more storms or blizzards make their way toward our vacation days).

Your thoughts?

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