Happy Birthday, Mum :)

Today’s my Mom’s 61st bday and just like last year, she’s in the Philippines. Unlike last year, we are all here. Last year, since it was a “milestone” birthday, we (my brother and his family, my sister and her family and I – sans family) all went to the Philippines to surprise her and boy, did we ever! I need to dig around and find that video…

Anyway, here, there, everywhere…we all wish her a very happy birthday and we miss and love her SO very much!

My mom is such a survivor! She’s a Breast Cancer survivor AND she’s survived my Dad’s craziness for over 40 years of marriage too! We joke around and say that’s bigger than surviving her cancer…lol…All jokes aside, she’s awesome and the bestest, bestest Wife, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister, Mom, etc…out there (yes, better than yours and no, I’m not biased 😛 )!

Happy Birthday, Mum! We Love You 🙂


Your thoughts?

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