Summer Previews

Sorry, no Summer Movie talk here (except that I am waiting for Eclipse w/baited breath…oh Edward…lol)…just gonna talk about the temps…

Yesterday and today have been HOT ones in the northeast. Well, today’s actually pretty nice and breezy w/temps in the 80s, but yesterday, we hit a record high of 92! That’s pretty hot and intense – especially for April!

Anyway, I’m FINALLY getting my energy back so the girls and I took a stroll down the block yesterday to grab some lunch. Beans was all complaining how hot it was and was so happy when we would hit shady spots. When we got in the restaurant, I was ready to just take the food to go, but she wanted to eat there (guess for a change of pace since we always just pick up and eat @ home). I was pretty surprised she wanted to eat inside the restaurant b/c it was HOTTER in there than it was outside. It’s a family owned Italian restaurant that serves yummy food and pizzas…with those pizzas come those BIG, HOT ovens. Yeah, it felt like an oven in there, but the girls wanted to stay while my hot and huge pregnant arse wanted to just go back to the cool confines of home. However, I realized that I’ve been working so much and not spending as much fun time w/the girls that I gave in and we had a great lunch.

Here’s Beans mid-chew (notice her rosy cheeks b/c she’s hot):

Here’s Razz asking for more (also w/the rosy cheeks):
Razz wants more

We then stopped by the local Dollar Store (which I’m loving MORE and MORE each day) and picked up some ice cream (cotton candy flavored for the girls…who knew they made that? Not I says moi. See? Another reason why I’m loving this Dollar Store) which we ate at home where it was nice and cool…
Enjoying ice cream from $ store @ home

Love the way they look so summery, but it’s a bit too early for me. 80 degrees at 11pm last night didn’t help w/sleeping, but luckily our fan was easily accessible. We still refuse to use the air conditioner just merely on principal since it’s still ONLY April.

Mother Nature gave us the snowiest February on record. The wettest March on record and now the Hottest April days so far on record. I’m scared to see what the rest of the summer will look like. Global Warming anyone? I just hope our basement renovation is done soon b/c it’s nice and cool down there. Plus, I hope pDaddy can work from home more in the summers so we can all jump in the pool (even if just above ground) during lunch and downtimes. It will be too hard for me to carry Razz up the ladder and into the pool AND make sure Beans is in safely too…I used to be ok w/Beans and I swimming when Razz was in the belly, but now there are 2 of them who move as fast as lightning sometimes.

Ahhh…the lazy days of summer coming up…but first, back to the reality of renovations and spring cleaning!

PS – I’m really hating how tempermental my cell phone camera is. Sometimes it’s so nice and crisp and clear and then most of the other times, pictures come out in poor quality like the ones above…


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