Ahhh Spring…

I should have really titled this post “aaa-chooo!”

Anywho, I love spring, really I do. I love the beginning of longer days, the warmer temps (we had a CRAZY, COLD, SNOW-FILLED WINTER! Good Riddance, Old Man Winter!)…I love seeing the flowers bloom, the leaves on the trees making their reappearances, the grass coming back into view, the birds chirping and even people w/their loud music in their cars as they drive by with open windows (take note, this will annoy the heck out of me come summer). I love the extra motivational kick I get w/spring cleaning and sorting and extra burst of energy the sun seems to give me.

What I don’t like? The rain…especially when it goes on for days and is torrential and causes floods. And while I like trees and grass and flowers showing off their lovely buds and colors, I don’t like the pollen that’s associated with all that. And apparently? Neither does poor Razz. I’m pretty much used to allergies. I’ve had them since I was 8? Maybe even earlier, but poor Razz. She’s getting them pretty bad this year.

Poor Razz Razz w/allergies

I took the girls for a follow up visit to their Doctor (they got sick after coming back from Disney and readjusting to cold temps again). They’re not sick anymore, but they do have allergies and the Doctor was saying she’s not surprised at all b/c the pollen count has been pretty high so far this spring. I’ve actually been suffering from allergies since the beginning of February – with snow still on the ground! But, like I said, I just deal…and because I’m pregnant, I don’t take any allergy meds even if my OB cleared Claritin or Zyrtec. I just figured, hey, I suffered through allergies when I was pregnant before w/o any meds, I’m going to try to do it again.

Poor Razz got prescribed eye drops and I’m glad the Dr. noticed – even if she wasn’t so bad when we were at the Doctor’s office. She’s more and more exhausted and wakes up late, naps late then sleeps late which starts the cycle all over again. When she wakes up in the morning, she’s either stuffy or sneezy, but still has droopy eyes and it takes her a bit to shake it all off and be all happy and energized like her usual self. I’m allowed to give her Children’s Claritin so I gave her one yesterday. I don’t think it really helped all that much though…poor thing…

But hey, look, flowers!
pDaddy thru the flowers
That would be pDaddy. This pic kinda cracks me up. It’s like I’m censoring some parts of pDaddy’s body or something using flowers from our Dogwood tree that we bought and planted last Spring… teehee…lol

PS – Again, more poor quality pics from cell phone cam, but whatevs. It’s easier to upload straight to Flickr via my cell…I don’t have to upload to the PC first then Flickr (i’m lazy like that lately).
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One thought on “Ahhh Spring…

  1. I’ve heard that allergies in some parts of the country are unusually bad this year because it’s been warmer than normal. We haven’t noticed it as much since it’s been so cold this month, but I’m not looking forward to that part of the season!

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