I Have a Theory: Smoking & Allergies

I am an ex-smoker and while I’ve ALWAYS had allergies since I was a young kid, they’ve gotten worse in the past few years. I blame it on me not smoking anymore. I smoked, heavily, before I got pregnant with Beans, but started up again a few months after she was born. She didn’t want to be nursed and I just had a multitude of reasons as to why I started again…one of which had to do w/old habits and whatever else. I stopped again when I got pregnant with Razz. I nursed Razz so I didn’t start up again (had a bit of slip here and there a couple years later, but that’s besides the point). All of a sudden I now had Spring AND Fall AND Winter allergies!

So, what’s my theory? Your allergies develop and/get worse AFTER you quit smoking. Now, I’m not saying, smoke so your allergies aren’t so bad, but I think it makes sense. My friends who are ex-smokers agree with my theory. One never even had allergies until AFTER she quit smoking.

I think it’s because our lungs are clear and our nostrils, etc. are too, thus leaving more (clean) room for allergens to attack. Think about it. When you smoke, you’re inhaling smoke which is dirty. You’re not leaving much room for allergens to stick onto anything. Picture a filter…any filter…a filter for an air condtioner or a vacuum, for example. When it’s new and clean, it can pick up dirt like no other. But, once it starts getting full of dirt, there’s not much room for more, until you clean it off.

Now picture that filter as your nose or lungs. When you’re smoking, it’s dirty and doesn’t leave much room for allergens, but when it’s clean and free of all the dirt and pollution that comes from smoking, there’s more room for those nasty allergens, like pollen and dust, to stick to.

I think it makes sense. What says you? Inquiring minds want to know.


One thought on “I Have a Theory: Smoking & Allergies

  1. It’s funny how my husband always tells me “you clean people are always getting sick”… Now I don’t know about that, but exposure to allergens to me has always made a difference. I’m usually outdoors and nothing seems to bother me but then an indoor person goes out they begin to sneeze.

    You keep doing your research but just don’t go back to smoking… Great job for quitting! Sometimes our immune system just needs time to catch up. =)

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