Labor Day 2010 / Long Overdue Prego Update

belly shadowAt 4:30am, I woke up in serious pain…cramping. Contractions? They came back at 4:40am. I had my phone in hand ready to call my MIL – just in case. Why my MIL? The hubby’s in VA at an Inter-City Basketball tournament and doesn’t come back ’til later this afternoon/early evening. Anywho, I thought Labor day would really be my “labor” day, but the cramping/contractions stopped…but came back at 5:30am and stopped again. I really thought it was about that time, but, I’m glad it isn’t yet. Still so much to do!

I am at 37 weeks and 6 days today, so I guess I’m already full term and it will be ok if baby comes out anytime now. I am HUMONGOUS and people keep asking me if I’m having twins, but I feel more like I’m housing quadruplets! This is definitely the biggest I’ve ever been and the most I’ve ever weighed. Sleeping is no longer an easy task (hasn’t been for weeks)! My body definitely feels all the weight and is in pain…I don’t think my body was meant to carry around this much weight. My MIL works as a nurse for Labor and Delivery and she thinks I should schedule a C-section or that I am a C-section candiate (yikes)! Doc said we’ll see after this week’s ultrasound.

Shrimpie is estimated to be about 7.6lbs – 8lbs right now. We’ll see what her estimated weight is at the ultrasound and to see what position she’s in. She’s been back and forth with being breech and then normal then breech and then normal. Also need to check my amniotic fluid again. There was some point from June – August that my amniotic fluid was high and so I had to get an ultrasound every 2 weeks. My last ultrasound on August 4th showed it was normal so that was a big sigh of relief. I just hope it’s still ok. My last doctor’s appointment was last Wednesday and I’m supposedly 1cm dilated, but that doesn’t mean much to me anymore. I remember I was that dilated for 1cm for a month w/Beans.

So, we’re in the waiting game, but really, I’m not rushing for Shrimpie to get here just yet. I want her baking in the oven as long as possible. I still have so much to do…you know, like wash newborn / 0-3months baby clothes we got from our baby shower and from Beans’/Razz’ hand-me-downs…They were washed before I put them away, but still….Plus, we still have to find a dresser or something to put her clothes in b/c we have such limited space that she’ll probably have her dresser in our room. Those are just a couple of things on my long arse “To Do” list…but that’s for another entry 😉


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