WW – 38 weeks

belly shadow

I hit 38 weeks yesterday and I’m bigger than big! To put things in perspective, let’s look at a couple of measurments, shall we?

Belly-to-Steering Wheel Belly-to-Steering Wheel is about a pinky’s width. I can still push the chair back a little bit to be at a thumb’s width. Still, I think I’ll need wooden blocks for my shoes soon. I can still get around though…Yesterday, I drove to the bank, the pediatrician’s office, lunch and a local pharmacy to get the girls’ meds. Their pediatrician was shocked to know I could still drive myself places (I’ll be driving myself batty if I stay home any longer…the girls and I being cooped up all Labor Day weekend w/them being sick = MAJOR-MAJOR* Cabin Fever). Today’s agenda? Don’t know yet besides going to my weekly prenatal checkup. We still have to get Beans some new sneakers for school and I need to get to AC Moore/Michaels to make some favors for my sister’s Baby Shower.

I measured my belly and it’s at 49.5 inches. Beans is 43 inches tall. Even if I wrapped her around me, she won’t go all the way around! ahahaha

38wksI am at the most I’ve ever weighed and I wonder how much of that is really the baby vs. how much of it is fat I’m storing and will need to lose. Doc is wondering the same thing. I had my weekly prenatal today and I’ve gained a total of 39lbs. He’s thinking that most of the weight is on me / belly and not really the baby though.

I wonder how long it will take to lose all this weight and again, how much is really on me vs. Shrimpie. I never lost all my weight w/Beans (was still about 20lbs off when I got pregnant w/Razz). I didn’t gain crazy weight w/Razz b/c I got diagnosed w/Gestational Diabetes and was put on a diet. I cleared that test this time around and was watching what I ate, for the most part, but also let myself indulge in things that I didn’t when prego w/Razz…you know, like ice cream, chocolate, etc.

Anyway, I was hoping we could have an ultrasound this week to see how much Shrimpie weighs, but the next available appointment isn’t until the 16th! Sheesh! I could have Shrimpie by then!
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*”Major-Major” is to quote this year’s Miss Phlippines, Venus Raj, during her Q&A segment. Miss Thang made me SO proud to be a Filipina and Top 5, but, I guess the nerves got the best of her :(*


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