Keratin Hair Treatment – Yea or Nay?

post keratin straight, frizz free hair

Keratin hair treatment is about a 3 hour process in the salon where they smoothe out your hair using keratin products, a blow dryer and a flat iron. You leave with soft, pin-straight hair.

I was persuaded to try it yesterday, but wish I did more research on it. My hair is not crazy curly at all. It just started developing waves last year when I was pregnant w/Shrimp and those waves stuck around…at least towards the bottom of my hair. I went in for a trim yesterday and I asked my stylist what I could do to do away with frizz b/c the frizz…it’s everywhere! I was expecting her to tell me about hot oil treatments or something of the likes. Instead, she filled me in on the wonders of Keratin. I was still skeptical because I didn’t know much about it. Doing stuff to my hair is not something I just do on a whim – I did that once, 3 years ago (got some relaxer and I forgot what done in the Philippines) and HATED the results! Eventually, I was convinced to try the Keratin treatment and they told me even pregnant ladies have done it!

I wish my stylist mentioned that I couldn’t wash my hair for 4 days BEFORE she started 😦 Um, hi…my hubby’s 40th birthday bash is on Saturday and I can’t wash my hair until Sunday?!?!?!

I wish I asked if I would lose my waves after the whole process kicks in. I love my waves…just not the frizz.

I wish I knew about all the forums out there talking about hair loss and hair breakage. I don’t have lots of thick hair. In fact, I’m always losing hair in the shower so I’m hoping this treatment won’t make me all bald.

I wish I knew there was a whole controversy of formaldehyde being in the products (though I did call my stylist when I got home and asked and she said they use the formaldehyde free kind…really?). Formaldehyde is a carcinogen and cancer already runs in my family (mom had breast cancer).

Most of all, I wish I stuck to my gut instinct and waited it out (and saved mucho bucks in the process…).

I didn’t sleep well last night thinking of possible health risks and balding…etc…

I’m thinking of just washing it out with regular shampoo that has sodium sulfate (or whatever) in it to wash out the keratin faster, but has the damage already been done – if there is any damage at all?

“Keratin”…sounds so natural, how could it be harmful? I mean it is naturally found in your hair and nails. Well, there are enough forums out there that have me questioning my decision.

What says you? Have you done it? Am I overly paranoid (which wouldn’t be surprising)?


2 thoughts on “Keratin Hair Treatment – Yea or Nay?

  1. Wow, Interesting. I really hope that you don’t have any bad side effects. Back in the day your hair was just as you described what Keratin would do. Weird how hair changes like that. My hair has gotten straighter for some reason. Hopefully you’ll have great results. Let us know how it turns out. Oh and for Saturday, a chic chignon won’t show greasy hair I think? Good luck.

    • Yea, I wish I had my HS hair though I do love the new waves. I’m hoping for no side effects too. I was stressin all night and day so I did wash my hair, but I don’t know…damage may have been done already.

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