Can you really not teach old dogs new tricks?

Disclaimer:  I am posting via my phone so I don’t have links ready…will update tomorrow…

I used to have perfect hair and perfect skin.  Fast forward 15 years later and I am now struggling how to hide my flaws and figuring out how to do the smokey eye look…I am so make-up challenged!

I turned to youtube and found Michelle Phan’s site (@RiceBunny on Twitter).   She is phenomenal!  I just wish I had the right products or even knew how to choose them (I still don’t have the right concealer/foundation shades).  I tried following the smokey eye tutorial and ended up looking like I got punched in the eye.  Me thinks me needs more practice…

I also realized that I really need to get into a skincare regimen and ticking to it…including facials…preferably those that do some kind ofresurfacing…is that a dermabrasion?

*sigh* these things are usually known by the time one is in her early-to-mid 30s, n’est-ce pas?   But, I’m willing to learn…let’s hope I can.

2 thoughts on “Can you really not teach old dogs new tricks?

  1. I follow Michelle Phan’s youtube and she’s really good. She used to be more down to earth and real, now a lot of her videos seem so scripted. I still enjoy watching them. I drooled over the one of her hotel room tour, and she has great ideas.

    • She is very good! Now, I just need to be able to apply her techniques on myself. Yes, some of the newer ones look scripted, but I guess that’s what happens when you’re a busy jetsetter representing a major skincare/makeup line…I need to find that one of her hotel room tour…haven’t seen that yet.

      I found some other gals as well, but can’t remember their names now, but will probably do another post w/links to their channels.

      Isn’t it odd that I’m just getting into this now? lol

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