I took a chance and decided to send an email to see if I could score passes to be part of the audience for the GLEE 3D Movie filming and by golly, I got picked! I just got a reply saying I am part of the audience AND I scored free tickets to the concert for later that night. Filming is tomorrow. This poses a couple of problems:

    – I’m nursing a cold.
    – I need to take a day off, but took off on Tuesday (for Beans’ Pre-K Graduation) and will be taking off next Friday. Well, it is summer, right?
    – I need a sitter! Who’s going to watch all 3 girls? I’ll be essentially gone for more than 12 hours!
    – I want pDaddy to go with me (I have passes for 2), but I don’t know if his boss will let him b/c he was just out sick for 2 days.
    – If pDaddy doesn’t go with me, hmmm…which friend should I take. Actually, I was thinking of taking my 3 year old b/c she loves singing and dancing AND I believe they perform “Firework” by Katy Perry and she LOVES Katy Perry, but I don’t think she can last that long.

Crap. What to do, what to do. But, WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Still so excited! I just hope it all works out!


2 thoughts on “SO! EXCITED! AHHHHHHH!

  1. Congrats, I’m pretty sure I remember you raving on FB about the first episode. I hope you can get it all worked out and have an amazing time!

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