Summer Sandals

I work from home, but I just couldn’t help myself from wearing my new espadrilles today. Let’s just ignore the fact that I need a pedicure and that I’m as pale as a Cullen, ok?

Anywho, I got them from VS on sale for $29.99.
I love them and the price so I got them in orange patent leather too!

New Message

Just not too thrilled about that extra space at the top…guess my feet are too wide? hmmm…oh wells, I still love them. I can’t wait to wear them out…wonder when our next date night is…hmmm…


2 thoughts on “Summer Sandals

  1. that space above my toesies… lol no biggie. it’s actually not as visible once i’m standing and/walking around.

    i love wedges too. they make walking in heels a gazillion times easier!

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