Well, if that’s not the total opposite of my excitement from yesterday, I don’t know what is.

glee-live-tour-2011I scored passes for the taping of the GLEE Live! 3D Movie which would qualify me for free tickets, but…those passes will just sit in my Inbox. *sigh* I didn’t realize how badly I really wanted to go until I realized at 11pm last night that there was really no hope of me making it…couldn’t get a sitter. My Mum is in the Philippines. My MIL is working. My SIL (out in TX) and I were going back and forth texting each other for over an hour talking about how absolutely cool this was and she was frantically trying to come up with options for me. Point blank? pDaddy and I only trust our family to watch the girls and EVERYONE in our family (that’s in this country right now) is working. pfft…

I feel so bad losing out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. I doubt I would have made a lot of face time on film, but still, how many people do you know really go to a filming of a concert…filming of anything really. How awesome it would have been to just to see how it all works – the filming, the “ACTION!”, the “CUT!”, the “TAKE 500!” etc. PLUS, the free tickets! I’m sure they’re nosebleed seats, but still.

Oh well, it is what it is. Need to focus on the positive. I went shopping last night for Father’s Day gifts and picked up a couple of things for me…that’s for a later post. Since I won’t be sitting and cheering in a stuffy concert venue the whole day (ahahah…what? trying to make it sound worse than it is), I’ll get to make Father’s Day cards w/my girls today! My girls are still a bit under the weather, but they’ll be good enough to make some cards 🙂 It’s time to break out the Sizzix and get to crafting!


Your thoughts?

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