Need Some Heeling…


I love me some heels – wedges, stacked, stilettos, etc…but only wear them on datenights which are few and far between.  I work from home so I can’t be donning my cute wedges or hot stilettos walking to and from my kitchen and dining room and living room…pDaddy and I are pretty laid back so I don’t know when else to wear them.  I’m 33 years old w/3 young kids.  Wearing heels to the mall would probably look ridiculous on me or have I just gotten used to wearing flip flops/flats?

So, fashionistas, when????  I miss wearing heels!  That bit of height always makes me feel good and who doesn’t feel sexy in heels? 

2 thoughts on “Need Some Heeling…

    • You are so right! I need to do it more often…even just at home. I just checked your blog really quick and O.M.G. I am in LOVE w/some of those heels!

      Sorry it’s taken me awhile to reply…trying to dust off the cobwebs now 😉

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